You are going to have a ball! No cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill wedding day for you. Yours will be filled with flair, finesse and undeniable style.

You want your wedding vision to come to life. For your guests to be as excited for the big day as you are. For memories of your wedding to last as long as your union.

You could hop online and look through the vast amounts of template designs. But with a concept as unique as yours, who wants to risk emulating the wedding of another couple?

You have some serious planning stress on your plate. My parents want a traditional wedding, I don’t. What shall I do? What’s a polite way to let guests know where I’m registered? Is it okay to have an adults-only guest list? Who pays for what? The list goes on…

You need someone in your corner that makes at least one aspect of the wedding completely stress-free.

And with all that in mind, you deserve an invitation suite that is true to the two of you. That reflects your promises and paints the mood for the big day.



I'm a dog loving, Marilyn Monroe obsessed wedding stationery designer whose wholehearted aim it is to bring your invitations to beautiful life and get your friends and family crazy excited about the upcoming celebration.

I was born and raised in North Germany and lived in London, UK for 5 years before following my partner Paul to Australia. He lured me with the promise of getting a dog, eternal sunshine and being able to keep up my Starbucks addiction. Well... there's no Starbucks, so I learned to love "real" coffee instead. But there are a lot of sunshine and a sweet dog in my life now. I'd say the move to the other side of the world was well worth it.

Want to know some fun facts about me? Here you go…

  • My partner Paul and I celebrate our anniversary on October the 31st (that’s right, spooky Halloween)
  • My parents met on Friday the 13th
  • For our first date, Paul and I went to the movies. And it turns out, his parents did too (on their first date, not ours)
  • Marilyn Monroe is my muse. I totally adore her, to the point where the top shelf of my bookcase is close to snapping in half by the sheer number of books I have on the beautiful Miss Monroe (and no, I'm not done collecting just yet)
  • My favourite dinner party guests are Sean Connery (because I'm hoping he'll finally realise that we were made for each other), Tom Ford (because everything he touches is perfection and I'm secretly hoping he'll bring me a bottle of his "Neroli Portofino" perfume, which smells like sunshine in Italy), Marilyn Monroe (because I absolutely adore her), Billie Holiday (because I'm hoping she'd sing a song for me) and my best friend Rob (because no one can make me laugh like he does and I wouldn't want him to miss the dinner party of the century)
  • Kavik, my gorgeous dog, joined Paul and I in mid-2012 when we picked him up from an animal shelter. He stole our hearts within seconds of popping his head around the corner to see who's there. Speak of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He's not only Director of Security and Waste Management with a special interest in used teabags and old socks, but is also the most handsome employee by far (don’t tell Paul I said that)

With all that being said, it’s an absolute honour to meet you. Now, let’s collaborate to create a bespoke wedding invitation suite that fits the unique style of your big day.

Are you interested in working with me, but still have questions? I fully understand. Creating the stationery for your wedding day is a really big deal and I want you to feel comfortable, which is why I offer a FREE 20 MINUTES SKYPE CALL so you can ask me anything you like before committing.