Why Wedding Stationery Still Matters

Without a doubt, we live in a digital age. We read online, shop online, work online, we even socialise and date online. We go paperless whenever possible... which is not a bad thing. We all like to live green(er) and with less clutter in our lives, homes, and offices. 

So you might ask yourself why bother with stationery at all? These days everyone can build a website from scratch in minutes. No coding or advanced technical knowledge required. Just send a Facebook update. Or a WhatsApp message. These things only take a few minutes and carry no or a very minimal cost.

Why spend money on a designer, fancy paper, and printing? Why spend hours trying to find the one right template amongst thousands? Why spend ages waiting in line at the post office and paying yet more money for stamps?


Because your stationery is one of the most important parts of your wedding.

Yes, celebrating your love for one another surrounded by your friends and family is what a wedding is all about (while looking like a star, of course). But how will your friends and family know about your wedding? How to dress? Where to go? What to expect? How do you get everyone crazy excited for your upcoming celebration?

Today I share 5 reasons that will make you fall in love with printed invitations again...

1. Your stationery... is a surprise

Let me ask you a question... when was the last time you found something special in your mail? Something that stood out and immediately got your attention?

I guess it's been a while. We don't write letters anymore. As I said earlier we go paperless whenever possible. So the only mail you'll find in your letterbox these days are random flyers, maybe the occasional bill or note about a speeding ticket (I'm looking at you, mum). None of this makes us go all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Now imagine the surprise and excitement when you find something as special as a wedding invitation in your mail. It instantly puts a smile on your face and you sit down at the kitchen table and really take your time opening and reading it. Enjoying it.

That's distinctive. That's how you start shaping people's memories of your wedding day.


2. Your stationery... gets people excited

Yes, an email or a Facebook post costs you nothing and they're done quickly too. But I bet most people are likely to forget as quickly. Think about the vast amount of emails you get on any given day or how fast your social media updates appear and disappear in your feed. The phrase "out of sight, out of mind" has never been more true than in today's fast-paced digital world (the final invitation suite is usually being sent 6-8 weeks before your big day, that's an eternity online).

A lot of people keep invitations stuck to the fridge though or someplace else within eyesight. I know I've done it. This keeps you on everyone's mind and every time your friends and family steal a glance, they'll get a little bit more excited and it's also a great reminder of the celebration of a lifetime being just around the corner (and to go and buy you a fabulous gift, of course).


3. Your stationery... sets the mood AND expectation FOR THE DAY

Imagine this... you're exchanging vows at the beach in a beautiful casual boho-chic ceremony while your dad just walked you down the sandy aisle wearing a black tuxedo and top hat. Wait, what? While this scenario might actually look quite funny and make for some wonderful pictures and unique memories, it's also something you should expect if you don't share your unique vision of your big day with your guests. 

Whether you opt for a super elegant black tie event in a French castle or a very casual setting in your own backyard garden, your stationery suite can let friends and family know what kind of a celebration you're creating and what clothes will be appropriate attire. It's their first glimpse at what's to come.

This is especially important if you're doing something unusual or having a themed wedding. A few years ago, Paul attended a friend's wedding dressed as a monk (even though he insists, he looked more like a dark Jedi - he really didn't, just take my word for it). Why? Because it was a medieval themed wedding. The father of the bride walked his daughter down the aisle in a full suit of armour. Another wedding Paul and I attended included a masquerade in the evening.

Knowing about this up front gave us and the other guests the opportunity to wear the right clothes/costumes and really enjoy these celebrations as intended by the couple.


4. Your stationery... celebrates a one-of-a-kind event

Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays come and go every year. And while they carry their own beautiful memories and emotions, they don't quite compare to such a unique event as your wedding day. It truly is a one-of-a-kind event. So go ahead and make this look and feel special for everyone involved. You deserve to announce your love for each other and the start of this exciting new chapter in your lives in the most magnificent and creative way possible.


5. Your stationery... is a great memento

A printed invitation also makes for a lovely keepsake for you and your guests. Every bride I've had the pleasure to work with has told me, that she occasionally looks at her invitation when she thinks back to her wedding day. In fact right now while I'm sitting at my desk writing this, I'm looking at my mother-in-law's wedding invitation. She got married in 1975 and still holds on to this little memento.

The invitation is definitely a keeper and you can show it to your kids or grandkids one day (and extra brownie points for not taking up a lot of storage space either).

Did I convince you that a stationery suite is a beautiful must-have for your wedding? Great. I'll give myself a little gold star then...

If you're crazy busy and jumped to the end of this post for all the juicy details, just remember this... no website or Facebook post can ever replace the tangible experience of your stationery suite being held and seen and felt by your friends and family. While a website can be a useful addition to your stationery suite, it'll never invoke the same emotions just on its own.


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